Compositions, by category

(for those interested in performances or copies of specific works, please contact me)

Instrumental works:

Orchestral works

Scherzo 8, for orchestra (2020) (based on Schubert’s incomplete sketches for the 3rd movement of his b minor [“Unfinished”] symphony)

Dark Equinox, for orchestra (2019)

Spirit Guide, concerto for clarinet and orchestra, with obbligato soprano (2014)

Whispers of Weeping: Mozart (an iconoclasm), for orchestra (2014)

The Half King, a score for an imaginary film, for orchestra (2004)

Medea Suite, for orchestra (2000)

Solum Credunt Saliunt, for orchestra (1988)

Sine Nomine, for orchestra (1983)

Ahai, concerto for violin and orchestra (1980)

Chamber Symphony No. 1, for chamber orchestra (1978)

Permutations, for orchestra (1973)

Chamber music

Reverse Variations on ‘Arkansas Traveler’ (with jokes!) for three instruments (2016)

Chamber Symphony No. 4 for piano trio (2011)

Some thoughts on ‘The Rights of Man, for violas in 4 parts (2006)

Chamber Symphony No. 3, for flute, viola and cello (2001)

Ritual Music, for flute and percussion (1993)

Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (1992)

Duo for Flute and Harp (1991)

Rock Riffs for piccolo, bass clarinet and tambourine (1990)

Trio Suite for flute, clarinet and percussion (1990)

Chamber Symphony No. 2 for flute, clarinet, violin and cello (1989)

Vernal Tracings No. 4 for flute and marimba (1988)

Trio for Brass for trumpet, French horn and trombone (1986)

Vocalise No. 2, for two different instruments (1984)

Septet for strings and winds (1981)

Uneasy Piece, for woodwind quintet (1975)

Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano (1973)

Also, many arrangements of traditional and popular pieces for a wide variety of ensembles.

Solo instrumental works

“…divisions, mingling…”, for Eb or other small clarinet (2021)

“…vikings, unless…” for bass clarinet solo (2011)

“…mood, enough…”, for viola solo (2007)

Wedding Music, for trumpet solo (1994)

Metrolines 90, for hand drum (1990) 

“…springing, gradually…”, for French horn solo (1988)

Strange Interlude, for organ (1987)

Scenes from Amazing Grace, for organ (1987)

“…procession, emerging…”, for bassoon solo (1984)

Abe’s Rag, for piano solo (1981)

“…increasingly, physical…”, for flute solo (1980)

Five Bagatelles and a Synopsis, for piano solo (1979)

Piece for Clarinet and Tape (1975)

Vocal music:


Antigone Sings, a chamber opera (words by Andrew Joffe) (2006)

Through/In, a video opera for soprano with piano and percussion (words by Andrew Joffe) (2001)

Medea in Exile, a chamber opera (words by Andrew Joffe) (2000)

Faust Triumphant, a chamber opera (words by Andrew Joffe)-(1995)

Song Cycles

Cassandra Songs, for mezzo-soprano and piano (words by Andrew Joffe) (2014)

My Year, My Life, a dramatic song cycle for baritone and 6 instruments (words by Douglas Anderson, based on Issa’s Oraga Haru) (1998)

Solo voice

La Derniere Chanson de Maurice, for soprano or tenor and piano (words by Andrew Joffe) (2021) [in memory of Maurice the Rooster].  

Paul Bunyon Mourns for Babe the Ox, for bass or bass-baritone and piano (words by Andrew Joffe) (2016)

Schrödinger’s Cat, mini-scene for tenor and 3 intruments (word by Andrew Joffe) (2015)

Directions, for tenor and 3 instruments (words by Andrew Joffe) (2013)

Fragments, for voice and obbligato instrument (words by Douglas Anderson, overheard) (1989)

Nora’s Scene, for mezzo-soprano and piano (words by Douglas Anderson, translated and adapted from Ibsen’s A Doll’s House (1985)

Two ‘Erotic’ Songs, for soprano and piano (words by Joan Eckerman) (1982)

Haiku, for voice alone (11 haiku by various authors, translated by Harold G. Henderson) (1980)

Vocalise No. 1, for voice alone (1979)

I heard a fly buzz, for synthesized voice and piano (words by Emily Dickenson) (1978)


When all Falls Silent (words by Charles Anthony Silvestri), for 6 voices (2020)

Ode to Harmony, for SATB chorus (words by Andrew Joffe)(2003)

Four Songs, for SATB chorus (words by Susan Anderson) (1977)

Also, many arrangements for chorus with piano or instruments.

Theatre, Radio and Internet works:

The King of Jazz, music for a radio play (2001)

The Moon Moth, music for an internet play(1999 and thereafter)

The Sound of Fear Clapping, music for a radio play (1998)

Romance Concerto, music for a radio play (1996)

Electra Music, music for Euripedes’ Electra (in ancient Greek) for actors, oboe and harp (1980).