Douglas Anderson, Producer

Douglas Anderson, in addition to his active conducting and composing careers, has held a variety of administrative positions and been responsible for running various organizations.  Through the years he has produced over 1000 live musical performances.


Positions held include:

2013-present               Board Member, Eight Strings & a Whistle

                                   Consultant and advisor to active chamber ensemble


1988-present               Board Member, Gryphon & Company

                                    Consultant and advisor to active chamber ensemble


1985-present               Committee Chair and member, various administrative, advisory and search committees at BMCC

                                    Responsible for accomplishing the charge of committees within appropriate time frames.


1983-present               Executive Director and Producer, American Chamber Opera Co.

                                    Responsible for all aspects of the institution, including artistic management, development, planning, fundraising, recruitment and auditioning, production, scheduling, contracting, rehearsal and performance.


1990-2004                    Chairman, Music and Art Department, BMCC/CUNY

                                    Responsible for all aspects of urban multi-ethnic department of 50 instructors and 10 supporting staff, offering over 130 classes serving over 2800 students per semester. Major initiatives include development of Academic Program Plan, development of Computer Art program, and introduction of computer-assisted instruction to both music and art courses.


1998-2001                   Chapter Chair, BMCC Chapter of the Professional Staff Congress-CUNY

Responsible for policy and negotiations of a professional union chapter of faculty of a community college in a large urban university.


1988-93                       Board Member, BMCC Auxiliary Enterprises Corporation

                                    Active member of board responsible for facilities rentals, food service and bookstore contracts, etc., and for disbursement of funds generated to activities which benefit the college community.


1979-81                       Executive Director, New York Music Teachers Cooperative

                                    Responsible for recruitment of students and assignments to instructors.


1974-78                       Coordinator, Music Performance Program, Columbia University

                                    Responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day operation of a new instrumental instruction program in a major university, including scheduling, auditioning and recruitment, concert production for both faculty and students, etc.


1974-78                       Assistant to the Conductor, String Revival

                                    Responsible for concert production, rehearsal management, library, etc.


1976-77                       Director, Columbia Composers

                                    Responsible for all aspects of an active new music performing organization, including fundraising, scheduling, programming, and production.


1971-72                       Head Manager, Columbia University Bands

                                    Responsible for all performance activities of a large university band organization, including Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band and Pep Bands. Supervised recruitment, scheduling, programming, budgeting, etc.


1969-72                       Producer/Board Member, Barnard Gilbert & Sullivan Society

                                    Responsible for the semi-annual full operatic productions of cyclic repertoire.