Chronological list of works

Paul Bunyon Mourns for Babe the Ox (words by Andrew Joffe), for bass or bass-baritone and piano; premiere to come in fall 2017 (2016).

Reverse Variations on “Arkansas Traveler”, for three instruments (with jokes!); premiere to come soon. (2016).

Schrödinger’s Cat, “mini-scene” for tenor, flute, oboe and cello (text by Andrew Joffe)-premiered by Mark Victor Smith, tenor, and the Different Hats Ensemble (2016).

Spirit Guide, concerto for clarinet and orchestra, with obbligato soprano-premiered by Gary Dranch, clarinets, and Nita Baxani, soprano, with the Brooklyn Symphony conducted by Nicholas Armstrong (2014).

Whispers of Weeping: Mozart (an iconoclasm), for orchestra-premiered by the BMCC Downtown Symphony conducted by Douglas Anderson (2014).

Cassandra Songs, for mezzo-soprano and piano (words by Andrew Joffe)-premiered by A Potpourri of Song, Esther Hickman, mezzo and Mark Victor Smith, piano (2014).

Directions, song for tenor and 3 instruments (words by Andrew Joffe)-premiered by Mark Victor Smith and the Different Hats ensemble (2013).

Chamber Symphony No. 4 for piano trio-premiered by the di.vi.sion piano trio (2011).

“…mood, enough…”, for viola solo-premiered by Ina Litera (2007).

Some thoughts on ‘The Rights of Man’, for violas in 4 parts-premiered by the Third Street Music School Viola Ensemble (2006).

The Half King, a score for an imaginary film, for orchestra-premiered by the BMCC Downtown Symphony conducted by Douglas Anderson (2004).

Through/In, a video opera for soprano with piano and percussion (libretto by Andrew Joffe)(2001).

The King of Jazz, music for a radio play-premiered by Jazzplay (2001) on NPR.

Chamber Symphony No. 3, for flute, viola and cello-premiered by Eight Strings & a Whistle (2001).

Medea in Exile, a chamber opera (libretto by Andrew Joffe)- premiered by the American Chamber Opera Company conducted by Douglas Anderson (2000).

Medea Suite, for orchestra-premiered by the BMCC Downtown Symphony conducted by Douglas Anderson (2000).

The Moon Moth, music for an internet play-presented on SciFi.com (1999 and thereafter).

My Year, My Life, a dramatic song cycle (words by Douglas Anderson, based on Issa’s Oraga Haru)-premiered by the American Chamber Opera Company, Douglas Anderson conducting (1998).

The Sound of Fear Clapping, music for a radio play-broadcast on NPR (1998)

Romance Concerto, music for a radio play- broadcast on NPR (1996)

Faust Triumphant, a chamber opera (words by Andrew Joffe)-premiered by the American Chamber Opera Company/International Faust Festival (1995).

“…vikings, unless…” for bass clarinet solo-premiered by J. D. Parran (2011)

Woodwind Quintet No. 2– premiered by the Viva Voce Woodwind Quintet (1992).

Duo for Flute and Harp-premiered by Gryphon & Company (1991).

Rock Riffs-premiered by New Renaissance Chamber Players (1990).

Metrolines 90-premiered by New Renaissance Chamber Players (1990).

Trio Suite-premiered by New Renaissance Chamber Players (1990).

Chamber Symphony No. 2, for flute, clarinet, violin and cello-premiered by Oval Window Chamber Ensemble (1989).

Vernal Tracings No. 4, for flute and marimba-premiered by the Benson-Thoma Flute and Percussion Duo (1988).

“…springing, gradually…”, for French horn solo-premiered by Carolyn Clark (1988).

Solum Credunt Saliunt, for orchestra-premiered by the BMCC Downtown Symphony conducted by Douglas Anderson (1988).

Strange Interlude, for organ-premiered by Brian Buchbinder (1987).

Scenes from Amazing Grace, for organ-premiered by Brian Buchbinder (1987).

Trio for Brass, for trumpet, French horn and trombone-premiered by New and Newer Music (1986).

Nora’s Scene, song for mezzo-soprano and piano-premiered by Margaret Astrup (1985).

Vocalise No. 2, for two different instruments (1984)

“…procession, emerging…” for bassoon solo-premiered by Donald Venezia (1984).

Sine Nomine, for orchestra-premiered by Baruch College Chamber Orchestra conducted by Douglas Anderson (1983).

Abe’s Rag, for piano solo (1981)

“…increasingly, physical…” for flute solo-premiered by Sato Moughalian (1980).

Electra Music, music for Euripedes’ Electra for actors, oboe and harp-premiered by Barnard Greek Theatre Society (1980).

Five Bagatelles and a Synopsis, for piano solo-premiered by Anthony Weinstein (1979).

Chamber Symphony No. 1, for chamber orchestra-premiered by Columbia Composers Ensemble conducted by Douglas Anderson (1978).

Piece for Clarinet and Tape– premiered by Douglas Anderson, clarinet (1975).

Uneasy Piece, for woodwind quintet-premiered by Columbia Composers (1975)

Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano– premiered by Columbia New Music Performance Ensemble (1973).